How we put Techloq
“two steps ahead” of their competitors and set them up for a successful future

Company size

50-100 employees


SaaS - Internet Protection



What we did

Brand research
Full rebrand and brand identity
UX writing
Portal UX design
Mobile app redesign
Knowledge base
Support form design

When we first saw the design of the new website, we were blown away —

It was exactly what we asked for, and more.

It goes way beyond just bringing us up to date, it takes us to a completely different level, and puts us two steps ahead of our competitors.

We’re excited for the impact this will have on our 40,000 customers
and can’t wait to share our rebrand with them” –

Osher Sternlicht and Ivan Hilton, Techloq

Let’s rewind and talk about...the problem

In just five years, Techloq went from start-up to industry leader, providing internet filters to keep the online world safer.

Their fast paced success triggered three core challenges:

  1. They were getting inundated with enquiries from new customers
due to an outdated onboarding process.

  2. Their 5 year-old website failed to reflect their brilliance as industry leaders and wasn’t offering their users an optimal experience.

  3. Their branding felt a little messy as varying colours and logos
were being used, and it hadn’t been designed to connect with
their target audience today.

“Not only were these challenges holding us back from giving our customers the best possible service, but they were also holding us back from achieving future goals to scale and expand.”

Ivan Hilton, Techloq

We made diagnosis and gave...the solution

We took a birds-eye view of their entire business — their website,
branding, and user experience throughout. This can be hard to do
when you’re involved in running the business on a day to day basis —
or have a specific expertise.

But our expertise is to look at the bigger picture with a laser focus. The solution was crystal clear.

Techloq needed:

  • Detailed customer research to fully understand the problems,
needs, and desires of their new and expanded audience

  • A user-enhanced onboarding experience to make new customers
feel great about their investment and reduce enquiries so staff
could focus on their areas of genius

  • New branding to connect with their target audience and give a memorable, unique, and timeless look that they could use for
years to come

  • A freshly designed website that positions them as the cutting-edge industry leaders they are, with phenomenal user experience to
increase retention

  • Copy that resonates with their target audience and moves them through the website to increase conversions