The Logo

Symmetrical, simple, and strong

Techloq didn’t want a completely new logo — so we used the original to inspire a new, modern look.

We manipulated and customised a new font to make it completely unique. Then we cut through the ‘Q” so it was identifiable with their original logo —
but more modern and much stronger.

Old logo

New logo

The Idea

Strong, simple, memorable.

Accurate and precise
internet filtering.

Accurate and precise internet filtering.

Refine shapes and forms
using grid systems.

Primary colours

Colours were selected following in-depth research of customers’ emotions. We opted for a professional and calming blue with a bold
black and sharp grey.


HEX   #5540EB


HEX   #000000




HEX   #F2F2F2

Secondary colours

Vibrant and head-turning, this colour palette brings a cutting edge
vibe to the brand to set it apart from the competition.


HEX   #FFD600


HEX    #FD853A


HEX    #9B8AFB


HEX   #F670C7

New typeface

This easy to read, versatile, high-end Swiss font was the winner…
equally beautiful on print and online, in small or in large sizes,
come rain or come sunshine.

Euclid Circular A


Join the revolution


Join the revolution


Join the revolution

Semi Bold

Join the revolution


Join the revolution

Visual identity

The Techloq visual images are always sharp, bold and uncluttered. The people are always smiling, relaxed and confident.

Brand messaging guide

AKA the design bible. Our 47-page guide tells Techloq’s story and will become an essential read for new and old employees alike. It also
explains exactly how to use the new brand identity going forward so
they always show up consistently.